“This recording features the immaculate diction of Niamh Murray’s glorious voice. I don’t think that I have ever heard a recording star who can transmit every syllable of the message and every nuance as she can. Niamh Murray has the ability to sing opera as well as popular and traditional songs with equal facility. Her selection on this CD was sung with superb control and sensitivity.”
Cork Examiner; October 1994 Debut CD, “A Fairer Paradise”

“Niamh Murray in the title role, has no problems with any of the notes, high or low. She soars through the score with rounded tone and crowns her performance with some added embellishments in the final rondo”.
Irish Times; The Bohemian Girl, Everyman Palace Theatre, Cork.

“What’s a fellow to do? Finbarr gently lifts Niamh Murray’s hand – what a delectable, looking, sounding, Mimi she is.
Then singing of “Che Gelida Manina”, “Mi Chiamano Mimi”, “O Soave Fanciulla” followed, giving me involuntary highest praise reaction – double shivers on my spine. Watch out for Niamh Murray – currently on further studies on an Italian scholarship. Her “Je Veux” was scintillating; she invested Novello’s ” My Dearest Dear” with warm tone and expression.
There’s something about Irish singers, the best have that quality – akin to that of the Italians – of singing to a vast audience as if it were one, winning affection as well as admiration”.
Cork Examiner; Niamh Murray and Finbarr Wright In the National Concert Hall with the Irish Chamber Orchestra.

“As it was, all the “smiling, relaxed” singing came from soprano Niamh Murray. Her radiant “Mi Chiamano Mimi” and her easy assent to the high C at the end of the duet “O Suave Fanciulla” (both from La Boheme”) were as good as anything we have heard from visiting sopranos this year”.
Irish Times; Niamh Murray, NCH

“Best of all were the rich voiced Anna and Danilo of Niamh Murray (Creamy middle as well as ringing top) and Des Whelan”.
Irish Times; Niamh Murray, NCH

“Kilkenny Musical Society staged the “Pirates of Penzance” in 1986 and this year’s encore was the ‘New’ breed of rollicking marauders. ‘New’ or otherwise, Gilbert and Sullivan is a decent challenge for any Society that calls itself ‘musical’. Leading Kilkenny’s team in the area of singing was of course the delightfully dulcet Niamh Murray as Mabel. Her richly toned soprano voice was of course exploited nectarously in the ad lib cadenza pieces. This was vocally a Mabel par excellemce. No less striking was her appearance”.
AIMS Bulletin; Watergate Theatre Kilkenny.

“Of course, “The Bohemian Girl” has been charming audiences for 150 years, and Niamh Murray assumes this quite magical role with exquisite grace, her voice pitched perfectly for that all-time favourite “I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls”, but, for this reviewer, it was her coloratura work in “Oh what Full Delight”, which revealed her range”.
Cork Examiner; The Bohemian Girl, Everyman Palace Theatre, Cork.

“Niamh Murray sang an assured “Crucifixus”, all the way to the top. She and Colette McGahon made something rather special of their ” Qui tollis peccata mundi” duet”.
Irish Times; Petite Messe Solennelle, NCH.

“Soprano Niamh Murray and tenor Peter Kerr, met the very different demands of their parts with aplomb”.
Irish Times; Carmina Burana, NCH

“It is brilliantly counterpointed by turning on the roles, a glamourously blonde hanger-on called Eufemia (Niamh Murray) into a totally aware, perceptive if dowdy deaf mute who can sense the onset of danger like a fox, the hunters”.
Belfast Newsletter; La Boheme, Theatre Royal Wexford

“Exceptional was the sweet soprano singing of Niamh Murray, the show’s only ‘juvenile’, who topped her purely vocal efforts with a funny take-off of an old fashioned operatic coloratura in “Poor Wand’ring One” from “The Pirates of Penzance”.
Irish Times; The World of Gilbert & Sullivan, NCH

“As star of the show, soprano Niamh Murray was positively stratospheric in some of her renditions”.
The Sunday Business Post; Rathmines and Rathgar Musical society NCH Dublin.

“Soprano Niamh Murray has a delightful presence on stage and is a fine interpreter of a song, being particularly impressive in Adam’s “O Holy Night”.
Niamh’s delightfully over-the-top “Art is calling for Me” was a show stopper”.
Cork Examiner; The Lord Mayor’s Gala Concert City Hall, Cork.