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Niamh Murray - International Soprano

If you wish to hear extracts from my latest c.d. called 'Send in the Clowns' and from my special 'Souvenirs' brochure just click on the 'radio image' in the Multimedia area and then click on whichever songs you would like to hear from those showing in the area. Why not register on my site to gain access to the private area to see a wider selection of photos and images and hear a variety of sound tracks?
Audio, video and photo memorabilia gathered by me over the years will, in due course, be posted to this area.... I hope you will enjoy them. Please bear with me and excuse any delay in updating this site.....I am lucky to be very busy!!!!

Multimedia Area

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Killiney Hill
Photo shoot in Killiney for the Sunday Independent magazine in November 2006.... The day this photo was taken...the sun was splitting the stones and the sky was a beautiful azure blue...but, boy, was it freezing!!!! The things I have to do for my art!!!

Out of Africa
Mum, Dad and yours truly in Africa....I was born in Nigeria, Africa.....sometimes I think that I can hear sounds from that time and visualise what it was like....even though I was only a baby when I came to Ireland. I often wonder how hard it must have been for my mother to be so far from home and expecting her first child in conditions less than 'comfortable'. My parents went to Nigeria as teachers with the St.Patrick Missionary Fathers....the friendships they cultivated there lasted throughout their lives....as a child I grew up listening to fascinating stories from that wonderful, mysterious country. I have never been back, but I did make it to Tanzania in 2005 when I climbed Kilimanjaro....I remember standing on the very top and singing in memory of my beloved father, Ciaran....and realising that I was standing on the highest point of this world I would ever be....the closest I would ever be on this earth to my Dad....if one is to think in physical terms...I know that all seems silly...but all these thoughts flooded into my mind as I stood on that mountain top

Home Page Photo
You will see that this is the dress I am wearing on my 'Home Page'....I bought it in 'Pamela Scott's'.....it is one of my favourite dresses and I tend to get alot of wear out of it!!!

'Souvenirs' Brochure
This is the cover of the brochure, 'Souvenirs'...I decided to put together the brochure for a number of reasons including my 10 years in the music business, as a professional soprano

Red rose,blackdress
This is the cover shot on my brochure, 'Souvenirs'....I decided to compile the brochure in a bid to have all my c.v.details, photos and musical selections accessible in one area....The brochure has proven to be very popular with those dear fans interested in me and in my career

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