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Well, here it is……my first ever blog on my new website! Check out all the various new features, including the ability to download my music and the lovely documentary (featured on the home page) filmed by Laura Leonard who designed this new website…..Thanks, Laura.

Just to let you know that when you log onto the ‘Events’ section, the list of various events seems to stop at 2011……but this is only because I am currently updating the events from 2011 to the present time……so all will be up to date asap!

As usual, I’ve been very busy singing in several concerts over the past few months and I always especially love singing in the National Concert Hall. I was lucky to sing there in the John Field Room in September with my brother Ronan as accompanist and the wonderful violinist Denice Doyle. I returned again during December to sing with Dublin County Choir in the main auditorium. Tickets sold out very quickly for this special concert which is a firm favourite with audiences annually.

I also was fortunate to have been asked to adjudicate at the Kilcoole Music Festival during November where I heard some really beautiful singing from the up and coming young singers of the future.

Outside of Dublin, during December, I had the pleasure of singing in 2 performances of Handel’s Messiah…..the entire unedited score…… presented by Project Music in St Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny and St John’s Church, Waterford. Fantastic experiences with the churches full to capacity.

December continued to be very busy for me when I sang in 2 concerts in St Mary’s Church, Enniskerry with a lovely choir, the Enniskerry Concert Choir and pianist/organist Charles Pearson. I also returned to Waterford this time to sing in St Benildus’ Church.
People ask me, where do I get the time or the energy. It always amazes me, in that whenever I think that it is time to take things easy, life gets more hectic and exciting and the singing opportunities and invitations flood in……..energy comes easily when one is energised by what one does and singing certainly energises me!!

I hope you enjoy my blogs…..please keep in contact!!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to my website!

  1. Niamh I heard you perform at the funeral yesterday of Michael O Flynn. I hope you don’t mind but I recorded you singing and had my Mum listen. She is in hospital now in palliative care at the moment. You sang nearer my God to thee. She was in tears listening. I felt bad for making her sad but she cried for Mick and the beauty of your singing.
    As I think about my Mum I am wondering do you perform at other funerals?

    1. Dear Emer,
      Please forgive me for only replying to your message now. My server did not let me know that there was a message for me. I was checking my website today to see about updating details, because I have not done so for ages!
      I am very sorry about your Mum. I am glad that my singing was of some solace to her. I am friendly with the late Michael O’Flynn’s daughter Mary. Michael’s wife Frances taught me in Primary School, St Joseph’s Tivoli Road.
      My phone number is 087 6456000
      If I am able to help you out, I will do my best. As I am Principal of a school, it is not easy to get away from managing the school, but sometimes, it is possible.
      My best wishes to you and your dear Mum.

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