February Blog 2018

Well, here we are……the second month of 2018 almost over! Where is the year going? Life is very exciting and I am very glad to be very busy in school as well as in trying to complete my Masters Degree in Christian Leadership in Education which I have been studying in Marino Institute of Education. My Thesis is based around spirituality and its language especially in connection with children…..very interesting and thought provoking.

Musically speaking, I look forward to adjudicating once again at the Arklow Feis. I always enjoy this lovely experience and it is always a pleasure to hear up and coming young talent as well as established performers. I adjudicated at the Kilcoole Music Festival a few months ago, and I was very impressed at the manner in which it was run…..so professional. Competitions are very useful for those wishing to make a career out of performing any form of music, but equally they are not the be all and end all……..winning is not the most important thing….it is all about the performance……about doing the very best that can be done and learning from the experience.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Ireland could win the Triple Crown or the Six Nations Cup in Rugby?? My heart has been in my mouth watching the matches…….please let us beat Scotland and then England!! Our ladies have been doing brilliantly as well in rugby…..keep it up girls!!

It looks as though the favourite colour for the moment when it comes to weather is red……which just happens to be my favourite colour as well!! Apparently, red is associated with the ability of getting things done and creating positive energy all around!! I must admit that I really love the snow and all that feeling of renewal and freshness as well as the crispness one senses in the air. I know that it’s not great for driving in, especially if there is ice on the ground as well. Hopefully, all the meteorological warnings will not turn out to be as bad as they have been portrayed and that the next few days will be very pleasant and not treacherous………..

Look after yourselves and each other, especially those who are the most vulnerable in our families and communities

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